Video Librarian Plus

Video Librarian Plus

software app for cataloging, organizing & managing your DVD movie/video collection
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  • Previous version of Video Librarian and Audio Librarian.
    You can't update any of the mentioned modules because the official website is out of business. I have tried to access it, but a generic search page is displayed instead which means the domain expired, therefore it's impossible to obtain an updated for your application. Use other applications found through the database search on Software Informer:


Welcome to Video Librarian Plus, the premier software application for cataloging,
organizing and managing your DVD movie/video collection. The software program
allows you to catalog any video format such as DVD, VHS, VCD, Laser Disc. The software
program includes an actor database in addition to the comprehensive video/movie
database. It will keep track of not only your pre-recorded dvds, or VHS videos, but also
movies, television programs and home videos which you record.

You can quickly catalog your collection by downloading information from Allmovie.
com, no typing needed. The program is very easy to use and it records extensive
information about your favorite movies and actors, such as title, category, MPAA rating,
year released, actors/actresses and their character, director, movie length, publisher,
reviews, media type, links to movie clips and much more. Need to print multiple video
titles recorded on a single VHS tape, this program is one of the few that can accomplish
this task.

Video Librarian Plus includes a title list of over 11,000 movies. Select a title from the list
and download the remaining information form the Internet if available. Includes
extensive search and printing capabilities.

You can print your reports to the screen, printer, PDF, HTML, XML or text.

Easy to buy online and download the program or have a cd mailed to you.

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